Understand Your Rising Stars

Talent Profiling

Every business needs to identify and develop its talent – the rising stars that have the potential to be the senior leaders of the future – and then develop, nurture and support them towards that goal.

Our psychologists help you to understand the skills, motives and behaviours that will underpin your future business success. We then design events that profile your talent against these criteria to enable you to identity your rising stars. We can then help with tailored training and coaching to develop the practical leadership skills that will enable your rising stars to rise.

Talent profiling is often associated with strategic people planning, such as identifying a talent pool or during business strategy change. A number of our clients use this process to benchmark their key talent, and emphasise their ongoing commitment to the development of excellence.

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Assessment for Recruitment

Ensuring that we fully understand the skills, styles and competencies that your business needs is the first part of every recruitment project we deliver.

Then we develop a bespoke, targeted and in-depth assessment centre that will enable you to make informed, accurate and objective recruitment decisions. We’ll recommend the best exercises and tools for the assessment centre, including psychometric assessments of personality and ability, and will often develop new exercises from scratch for our clients.

Our team then arranges, manages and delivers the assessment centres on your behalf, or alternatively we train your team to do so. We can also take on the burden of providing candidates with the useful, developmental feedback that ensures that your professional image is maintained throughout the process.

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