Understand Your Fresh Talent

Supported Aptitude Assessment

In an intensely competitive and challenging marketplace where there is constant pressure to perform, manage costs and improve productivity, selecting outstanding fresh talent has never been more critical.

Aptitude testing provides a recruiter with crucial information about a candidate’s potential to learn the key skills, solve problems and excel in the intellectual aspects of the job. In effect, does a candidate possess the required intellectual horsepower to excel.

With many thousands of tests available, choosing the appropriate test for a particular role and business objectives can be difficult. We work with you to identify the key aptitudes that new candidates will need and then design a testing programme that provides the precise insights about your candidates that you need. As an independent consultancy, we then choose the most suitable aptitude tests from one of our range of world class business partners.

Our Supported Assessment service means that we manage the initial testing process from start to finish, freeing up your time to enable you to focus on the needs of your business, managers and other candidates attentively.

The process is quick, simple and easy and our team handles the entire process through to providing you with straightforward reports on the outcomes of the testing process. We’ll even provide sensitive and constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates – ensuring that your brand values and business reputation are maintained.

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Aptitude and Ability


Personality Profiling = Fit For Business

Every recruiter appreciates that understanding how a new employee will fit into a role, team or business is a critical part of the selection process. Research has consistently linked personality to job performance and (alongside other skills and abilities) as playing an important part in individual, team and organisational success.

Personality profiling enables you to understand an individual’s character and emotional makeup, and explore the degree of fit to the role, team and culture of the business. Emotional intelligence, which relates to an individual’s ability to manage and use their emotions to work cohesively and effectively, is a related area of profiling.

We work closely with you to explicitly define the personality characteristics of your successful employee, and then carefully select the questionnaire that will incisively provide the insights you need.

Our independence means that the choice of questionnaire is governed by accuracy, reliability and your business needs, rather than being obliged to use just one particular test publisher. This does mean that globally recognised profiles (such as OPQ and Wave) are recommended alongside more niche questionnaires, such as the Hogan Development Survey and CAL.

The Actualise team handles the entire profiling process for you, communicating with your candidates, supporting them through the profiling process and then providing useful and timely feedback to you and the candidate.

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