Understand Your Leaders

Leader Assessment

We deliver in-depth, robust psychological assessments, tailored to the factors that dictate success within a clients business and broader commercial landscape.

Putting it simply, business performance in the real world dominates the Actualise approach, not academic theory. Whilst underpinned by extensive research and high quality science, our Executive Evaluation™ process is a deep psychological assessment of an individual’s character, qualities and capabilities that deliver above benchmark performance and business results.

The Executive Evaluation reports on the three critical areas for success in business.

Our written reports are incisive, lucid, engaging and above all, we provide an evidenced, unambiguous recommendation about the next steps in the hiring process. We provide clients with a detailed insight as to how the candidate would fit into their organisation, perform as a leader and tackle the business challenges that are faced.

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Leader Development

Our assessment led approach identifies, nurtures and develops the individuals with the latent talent to achieve great things.

Building on the rigour and business impact of the Executive Evaluation model, we explore the areas of the Synergy (their fit to the organisation, team and role), Capacity (their capability to carry out the critical components of successful business leadership) and Agility (the ability of a leader to harness and utilise natural and learned talents).

Whilst we still make an assessment of the likely the career trajectory of the individual, our approach is unique in that we provide them with the raw materials to be able to address their growth and development areas. We incorporate within the report individually tailored and selected development suggestions from our Executive Evaluations Development Guide, a resource of over 500 improvement ideas and suggestions. This means that not only does the individual receive incisive and useful feedback, but they also receive the means to do something about it without delay – either in collaboration with their manager or independently.

Our in-depth assessments form the perfect prologue to for executive coaching or management development.

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