Leader Development


PMI Health Group

Business Need: As one of the UK’s largest healthcare insurance providers, the credibility, performance and tenacity of senior sales people is critical. As part of its expansion throughout the UK, PMI asked Actualise to provide profiling of Account Director candidates to ensure that they not only possessed the capabilities required, but would fit into the fast moving, nimble and entrepreneurial PMI culture.

Solution: We worked closely with the HR team at PMI to develop a focused range of key competencies that would reflect the business needs and culture, and then used our Managed Assessment service to invite candidates to complete a range of aptitude tests and questionnaires relevant for the role.

Each candidate then underwent a half day interview to examine against two of elements of the Executive Evaluation model – their Synergy (fit to the role, team and PMI business) and Capacity (senior management behavioural and intellectual aptitudes). An indepth report was provided to the recruiting Sales Director, which pinpointed the areas of strength and weakness for each candidate, together with a clear observation regarding their perceived potential within the target role.

Outcome: The Sales Directors of PMI were provided with a significantly improved insight into the capabilities and risks associated with the potential performance of new Account Directors. Not only did this help to underpin recruitment decisions, but also assisted in tailoring the onboarding process, targeting developmental support and managing team dynamics.

Candidates were provided with feedback by the PMI team, increasing ownership and commitment to the developmental outcomes.