Summer 2013

New Projects: Powering NHS Development

We’ve just finished supporting the annual recruitment of Medical Leadership and Management Fellows – a critical NHS leadership position.

Leadership is increasingly recognised as one of the skills that all doctors need. Of course, demands on leaders within the NHS are growing and changing, but there are many similarities to leadership in the commercial and business world. It is about how doctors manage themselves to provide the best care, how they work with and motivate others and how they identify change and opportunities that can improve service.

Of course, the recent scandals in Mid Staffs and Barrow have highlighted how poor leadership can have a huge impact on performance, outcomes and patient well being. It also serves to remind us that our best sales people, technicians, developers, designers and doctors don’t necessarily make the best leaders.

Leaders need the technical awareness and personal credibility forged from their past experience, plus the supplementary skills, abilities and characteristics that many skilled professionals do not have, want or are able to develop. We’re proud to be helping the NHS identify the leaders who can make the institution the one that we all hope, want and need it to be.